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The Power of Music

For all the music and non-music lover!

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Have you ever thought of how music was discovered? Or have you ever thought of who invented the first note and how music has evolved to how glorious it is today? If you come to think of it, the answer can be as complex as the creation of this Earth. It’s hard to comprehend. Maybe just like how the Earth was made, music was and has always been part of the wonder of God’s creation. A good sight of nature like the falls and the forest and all the wonders of the world has the power to leave us in awe. Music likewise has that same power. It touches our soul, pierce our heart at times, and just communicates with our spirit that gives us magical effects like no other. 

Who would have thought that aside from a song’s normal tone of melody, that it can be enhanced by different other tones like Alto, Soprano, Tenor and Bass? Who would have thought that there will be instruments like a piano, guitar and so much more that is so perfectly made to create music that can consume a soul? Definitely, there is power to music! But how are we using this to our advantage?

Music is connected with our emotion. This will make you agree 100%. Have you ever watched a talk show where a celebrity is facing what seems to be an insurmountable odd? Or a noontime show and a contestant is in a middle of hardships and is desperate for help? Then you hear a music play, most often instrumental, a music that sings a very lonely tone to the heart. Please be honest and admit it. Tears fall from your eyes right? How about during Christmas season and you hear all the carols? Does the music it creates give you the feeling to share and to be kinder? You may deny it but it’s safe to say that it happens most of the time.

I believe that God inspired our talents to discover within our soul the miracle of music. We hear it every day and almost anywhere. Let us use it to the full extent. Because when you are haunted by negative feelings that always seem to stay, turn to music and maybe it will all go away.

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