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Health Benefits of Listening to Music

For all the music and even non-music lover!

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Motivation in the dictionary is defined as, the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something. Having said that, what specifically motivate us to do something? The answer can be summarized by these two criteria. First, is when doing something that will be beneficial for us. For example, someone asks you to shine his or her shoe and in exchange, you will be paid a specific amount of money. You need that money because you want to buy a bok or maybe a shirt. Thus, it motivates you to act because it will benefit you in return. The second criteria is simply when you just want to do something because it's fun. For example, if you're the sporty type and basketball or football is your passion, then simply what motivates you to act is simply because it's fun for you to do naturally. So after considering the two main reason why we are motivated to act on something, what criteria do we prefer? The one that we act because of course, we will benefit in return? Or the latter which is simply because it makes us happy? Well of course naturally we would choose the latter. But what if we can always do both? Beneficial and because it's fun.

Of course, you already know that music always adds to the fun. Whatever occasion we celebrate, music will always help to heighten our emotion. But did you know that music aside from just making us wanna sing and dance and groove also offers a lot of health benefits? And this is not the just ordinary health benefits thing. This is science-backed highly significant health benefits I am talking about. Let me enumerate:

1. Did you know that music is used to ease the pain? According to study, music can significantly reduce the level of pain especially in geriatric care, intensive care and even also palliative medicine which means a type of healthcare that is centered on the prevention and relieving the suffering of the patients.

2. Music can improve our physical endurance. Have you ever tried on running and you are listening to your favorite pump-up music? Or can you imagine that you are in a gym and you're doing a routine and some soundtrack from movies like "Rocky" play in your ears? Music has proven to help us break our best time record whether it be running or enduring an exhausting highly physical activity. But wait, there's more! It also speeds up our post-workout recovery. That is hitting two birds with one stone.

3. Listening to classical or any relaxing music has been shown to effectively treat insomnia, making it a safe and cheap alternative to sleep-inducing medicines. Say goodbye to sleepless nights ladies and gentlemen.

4. Scientists have found that the emotions that any patients experience while listening to music have a very healthy effect on blood vessel function. When we are in a happy mood, it can result in an increased flow in our blood vessels.

5. Research has found that listening to good music can relieve stress by triggering biochemical stress reducers. It has also been found that music's effect on anxiety is similar to the effect on a body that is getting a well-deserved massage. Now how beneficial is that?!

6. The list goes on and on. Music has a lot more health benefits than we just know as of the moment.

Right now I hope you're getting the point, my dear friends. Music! What a luxury we all can afford. Aside from we are having fun indulging ourselves to the music we love, our favorite genres, it is already at the same time doing its magic inside our bodies. Now who wouldn't want that? To do something that is beneficial and is just purely fun. Another thing that is so crazy is that we are living in the 21st century. Music is downloadable everywhere! And our smartphones has turned to be so freaking useful. Our phone is now our mp3 player.

Now folks what excuse do we have now to not have fun and, of course, be healthier at the same time? How much do we maximize this freebie in life? And how much to we take it for granted? Indeed, many of life's greatest gifts are free. Or at least, won't really cost us that much. People within the sound of my voice, this should go without saying already but I'll say it anyway. Go and listen to your kind of music! Enjoy.

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